Saturday, 28 December 2013

All I want for Christmas ...

We pulled up our drawbridge to celebrate a cosy family Christmas in time honoured tradition with gifts, turkey and of course, plenty of laughter.

And Polly enjoyed her very first Christmas with us!

She plonked herself right in the middle of the floor with my kids to open her pressies from Santa ... 

... and was delighted to find a rather large orange octopus with her name on it!

Stuart's grandson was thrilled with his football shirt and I have a feeling, will be wearing it day in and day out, for some time to come.

Stuart was especially delighted with his 'fart shooting Minion', a cheeky gift from my son and his girlfriend. I, however, was less than delighted with this particular present, as I appear to be its designated target!!!!

This year, we walked off a superb Christmas lunch (thanks Stuart!) with a muddy tromp through the local woods and pear orchard with Polly ...

... and were treated to a spectacular Christmas Day sunset as we headed home!

After the crazy dash to prepare, Christmas Day is always over in the blink of an eye but for me, this year was special because it was my first Christmas with Polly and my kids were home to share it with us  ... which was all I truly wanted for Christmas!  

So thanks you lot and much love to you all xxx

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  1. I love your photos!!! Will you adopt me? LOL! I make bears but the downside is I come with six cats! =D
    I love your space here very much! ♥
    Happy New Year


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