Thursday, 2 February 2012

Working its magic, The Winter Bearfest!

For the past couple of weeks, I have been working on some new classic bears for the 'Winter Bearfest' show which will take place in London on the 26th Feb.  I have exhibited at this show for more years than I care to admit and in my view, it's one of our very best UK teddy bear shows.  The show always oozes teddy bear talent talent in every corner and there's a discernible buzz of excitement from both collectors and exhibitors throughout the day.

Taken in the early 90's: with Abigail, my first collector bear

I remember my first visit to the 'Winter Bearfest' show as a collector many moons ago.  The show was almost overwhelming for a first timer, leaving me wide-eyed at the fabulous displays of both modern and vintage teddy bears.  That day, about twenty years ago, my very first artist bear, a gorgeous 22" girl named 'Abigail',  came home with me.  She was created by lovely Frank Webster of Charnwood Bears ... oh happy days!

My son enjoying a Hugglets show

In those days, I wasn't the only bear collector in my family, both my kids were also keen collectors, so visiting a bear show was a special treat for us all.  We spent the entire day chatting with bear artists as we visited stall, after stall, after stall, taking our time to admire each and every bear.  Many of the bear artists we met back then are still creating beautiful bears and have become friends over the years.

Meeting a friend from Hong Kong at my show table in 2010

It never ceases to amaze me that by some quirk, my collecting passion led me to creating my own teddy bears.  Nowadays, I'm thrilled to have my own table at the Hugglets shows ... isn't it strange how life works things out sometimes?!

If you have never visited a teddy bear show before and love teddy bears, please join us in London on Sunday the 26th February; you are guaranteed a magical, friendly, inspiring and above all, fun day!  You will find me in the corner of Hall 2, on stand 75. 

Please pop by and say hello ... I hope to see you there!

Full show details can be found on the show organiser's website:
Hugglets Teddy Bear Festivals


  1. it's funny to look back on old photos and makings , but i am so surprise to see picture of us, my face turns red :P
    i appreciate this friendship and some nice people in the bear world. I wish you all the best in the upcoming show. See you in Sept.

  2. Wundervolle Kreationen machen Sie!!!

    Liebe Grüße Simone

  3. I would love to come and visit you at Hugglets. I'm afraid it is just too far for me to travel. I hope it is a wonderful show for you.

  4. Love the old picture of you and Abigail! Have a another great time at this months Hugglets Paula! :0)


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