Friday, 10 February 2012

Butterfly Brain!

Do you ever feel you are getting nowhere fast and can't quite settle to any one thing?  Me too, usually two weeks before I'm due to exhibit at a major show!  There seems to have been an inordinate amount of 'faffing' in my world of late and the days are slipping through my fingers.  I still have too little to show for my efforts, even though I have been busy ... truly I have!  The internet is a help but also a hindrance as there are so many pretty things to look at, so much creative 'research' to indulge in.  I must confess, the Pinterest website has really fired up my creative self, but regrettably it is such a gorgeous time waster too ... *sighs* ...

This bear will be available from 'The Winter Bearfest Show' in Kensington on 26th Feb!

Anyway, butterfly brain I may have, but my workroom shelves are gradually filling with new bears - with only two weeks until the Kensington show though, I really wish they would fill a little faster!


Note to self: must work harder!


  1. You have just described me perfectly! :0))

  2. What a precious bear, Paula! I just love him. Pinterest is definitely inspiring and a time vortex. I should take your cue and get off the computer, too! :o)

  3. That is one thing I have learnt. Unless you make the bears they don't appear themselves????????

  4. Lol, good luck with flying through the rest of those bears!


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