Monday, 27 February 2012

Out of hibernation!

There is something more than a little disconcerting about reluctantly hauling yourself from your pillows at 6.30am, driving to London whilst yawning and bleary eyed, only to be greeted by lycra clad fitness fanatics pounding the City's grey pavements, as if it's the most normal activity in the world at that time of day ... how on earth do they manage that?!

I have never been a morning person and early starts on show days always tax my good nature. In fact, believe it or believe it not, I have been known to growl a little whenever Stuart tries to 'encourage' me to 'get a move on Paula,' on show days!  I know, shame on me!

Anyway, we arrived at Kensington Town Hall in reasonable time and although there was a nip in the air, the sun was shining, promising a gorgeous early Spring Sunday. As usual, when we arrived the Town Hall was buzzing with activity, with a significant queue of eager collectors waiting outside for the doors to open, which is always a good sign for a busy, buzzy, show!

We set the stand up, positioning the new bears just in time for opening and from that moment on, all four halls quickly filled with visitors.  The aisles of our Hall were absolutely heaving as people tried to muscle their way to see all the bears!

Exhibiting at the Winter Bearfest always makes me feel as though I've suddenly come out of hibernation after a long Winter; after months of working quietly on my bears in my workroom, being faced with so many eager people wanting to chat is lovely, but it can also be quite overwhelming, even for an old timer!  Yesterday was extremely busy and very sociable.  The bears behaved impeccably as they were discussed from every angle by their visitors and I am delighted to say the compliments they received were enough to make even the most confident of bear makers blush. I was truly touched by the reactions from collectors - we may well be in the middle of the worst economic climate experienced for many a year, but nonetheless yesterday proved the passion for teddy bears is as strong as ever it was and it was clear many collectors had come to share and support the bears on their big day out, whether or not they were able to buy a new bear on the day.

Not all my new bears found new homes at the show yesterday, so I am now offering those bears for adoption.  If you couldn't make it to the show but would love an opportunity to own one of the bears, please visit:

I know, they'd love to hear from you!


  1. Glad you had such a lovely day, sure the returnees will find new homes quickly :o)

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed a lovely day.
    Your bears are exquisite.

  3. Your stall looks great. I'm so glad you had a lovely day. Hoping for new homes for some of the bears very soon.

  4. Wish I could have been's a amazing show. These early birds can be very annoying....I'm one of them...LOL. Bearhugs, Thea x


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