Monday, 4 April 2011


When I look back to the arrival of 2011, I remember trying to embrace the coming year, but with an empty room upstairs after my son flew our happy nest and so soon after losing Dad, it wasn't the easiest of times.  When Stuart took matters into his own hands and began to talk about decorating and moving my workroom into my son's old bedroom, I decided I'd better get my act together and make a concerted effort to put on a brave face ...

An empty room at the start of 2011 ...

There were several noticeable benefits to moving my existing workroom, the first of which was a lovely big fitted cupboard in my son's old bedroom - perfect for storing all my craft supplies.  His room was also bigger and brighter than my current room, so the final decision was made and while Stuart filled the many holes left by my son's stereo and tv equipment, I set about the serious business of mulling over colour schemes and all things pretty ...

Stuart spent the next couple of months decorating in his spare time, patiently putting up with my 'left a bit, right a bit ... no left a bit ...' directions ... and gradually my new workroom began to take shape.

It was important to me the room wasn't only a practical bear crafting workspace; I needed it to feel like my room, a nurturing environment for the bruised inner Paula ... so I chose colours, pictures, ornaments, precious bits 'n pieces, many of them gifts from loved ones, with every bit as much care as the furniture items ...

And after all the weekends of Stuart working so hard to make everything perfect for me, suddenly my beautiful new room is ready to use!

I am truly looking forward to spending many, many, happy hours working in my special new room and also to spending many, many, more years with the very special man who made this possible for me!


  1. What a beautiful room. And all the light, I really love the light the room gets. I can see how you could easily spend hours in cozy, warm comfort. You deserve it, and Stuart is a doll.

  2. What a lovely place for you, Paula! It's not only a nurturing workspace--it's also a space to remind you of all of the wonderful people who have touched your life and continue to do so. It's like a great big hug!


  3. Ooh, it looks like it's come straight out of a magazine, oh to be as organised as you :o)

  4. How lovely....such a pretty room!
    Susan x

  5. You are so lucky ! this room is adorable and very inspiring :)

  6. How Lovely! You have a beautiful Studio, I hope you enjoy many hours of creating there!

  7. OMG!! Perfect rook. I wish to have simmilar. I love it and I jealous :D

  8. Your room is wonderful. I love it. And how loved are you.? How sweet. Enjoyed looking at your photos. thanks for sharing.

  9. WOW! Your new studio is gorgeous, Paula! Totally love it. All the things you put in there, with sweet memories attached, make it even more beautiful.
    Sending hugs,
    Monica x


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