Monday, 6 December 2010

Perfect peace.

Miraculously the rain crashed down clearing heavy snow and ice from the Kent roads, in perfect time for our Sunday afternoon drive into the heart of the countryside. Despite the melt, many fields were still dusted with snow, glistening in the winter sunlight ...

We arrived at the vineyard prepared for the cold and also for muddy fields, Fiona wearing trendy leopard print wellies, me muffled in a cheerful orange and pink striped scarf and bright pink boots.  Squelching past row upon row of vines, our laughter rang out as we tried to decide which would bear luscious grapes for a fine red wine harvest next year and as we did, it became clear to us, we were in the perfect place, on the perfect day ...

As the sun dipped in a final glorious blaze, we stood shoulder to shoulder with our sisters and a little later, with tears and smiles we walked away, content our Dad was at peace, at last.


  1. I'm so glad you got to carry out your dad's final wishes. Sounds like a man that had a great sense of humour and enjoyed nothing better than a great get together.

  2. You are so right Amanda, you've hit the nail right on the head! Lol! xxx

  3. Oh, so glad you were able to do that after all, I'm sure your dad sent the good weather just so you could

  4. The pictures of that beautiful field will be etched in your heart forever. He must have been just the best Dad.

    Warm Hugs

  5. A very special day that I am sure your Dad enjoyed smiling down on. Sending big hugs, Catherine x


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