Tuesday, 16 November 2010

A Daisy in November?!

It was such a pleasure to open the curtains to blue sky and a frosty white lawn this chilly November morning ... I could almost hear Dad whispering to me, 'you should be in the garden PJ, it's beautiful out there!'  He would have been up early on a day like today, sweeping leaves and enjoying the bird song as the sun steamed frost from the fields at the bottom of his garden.  

So I opened our conservatory door, watched my cats scamper outside and followed them in my furry slipper boots, grabbing my camera on the way.  The first thing I noticed was how peaceful it was and I could hear dew dripping through the ivy on the fence as its frosty leaves warmed.  There was a solitary rose bloom in the flower bed ... I daresay those fragile petals will flutter to the ground in the next day or so, but this morning my 'November Rose' was pretty with dew and Dad, I'm going to dedicate it to you x

Toffee and Puddle shot off up the lane to explore, but Daisy never strays far if I'm in the garden ...

Daisy couldn't quite understand why her garden had turned white overnight and she hopped daintily across the stepping stones to avoid treading on frozen grass.  She is eight months old now and as you can see, has become quite the beautiful young lady cat since I last took her picture!


  1. Your rose is beautiful Paula, and I'm sure your Dad was there sharing that moment of quiet with you.

    Daisy has grown - she is a pretty girl! xx

  2. Dad loved roses too and was a keen gardener. His roses are in full bloom and looking gorgeous! I wish you happy memories of a beautiful man Paula....
    Hugs Lindax
    Your kitten is gorgeous! I love cats!!!!!

  3. Twas chilly out there this morning, but the closest the Luton Hilton Garden Inn gets to a garden is its name!

    I'm sure the rose was sent from your dad to perk you up this morning, and so glad Daisy was able to stay and enjoy it with you

  4. You always find peace and solace in a garden early morning. I just love it. Some times it feels as though the world has not been touched yet. I'm glad you felt close to your dad. What a beautiful rose!


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