Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Cosying up!

Niklaus, Rudi and Spruce are ready to travel to their new owners, so today, I'm waiting in for the courier to arrive.  I have a new bear in pieces on my workroom table - he is all sewn up, has his head stuffed and won't take long to finish, but I might save him until tomorrow because today I fancy cosying up in my armchair for a spot of knitting instead.  

Working on the little jacket above rekindled my passion for knitting last week; there's something very comforting about the art of knitting, especially at this time of year when it's so chilly outdoors.  In the absence of any teeny tiny babies to dress, I'm sure I can soon conjure up some lovely new teddy bears to model my winter woollies!


  1. Beautiful Paula, very well done. I agree there is something special about knitting.

  2. What a sweet little jacket. Do you make up your own patterns?

  3. Oh, how beautiful! Paula, I need a knitting session with you. Would love to learn how to do this! :o) I know you'll make just the right sweet bear to wear this lovely piece.


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