Thursday, 30 April 2009

Research, relaxation and reading

The latest issue of Australian Bear Creations dropped through my letterbox a few days ago and naturally, I flicked through to find my advertisement first! Once I'd satisfied myself it was in print, I put the kettle on for a coffee and then settled down to more serious study ... there's a lovely pattern for Sandi Smith's 15" panda 'Chun Chen' in this issue, a pretty bear and bunny pattern from Linda Benson, a tiny bear from Jenny Lee and for those who like to crochet, there's also a cute panda pattern designed by Christine Healey and a beary mobile phone strap designed by Berta Hesen-Minten ... all that and articles galore! It's a great magazine for collectors and makers alike.

A little light reading!

The most important focus for the current issue is of course the 'Australian Bear Creation Awards' and believe me, there are some terrific entries this year. I wish I'd been able to join in the fun and send an entry - ah well, there's always next year! The nominees are waiting anxiously for the final public vote, so please support their efforts to create aspirational teddy bear art by purchasing your copy (Vol 15/No 1) and sending in your choices. Susan at Bear Basics has several copies of the current issue available from and if you would like a subscription to Australian Bear Creations, please visit for further information.

Advertising in Oz ... All Bear's latest quarter page ad

After the perfect sunny weekend, typically we had quite a bit of rain and grey skies this week, so between bouts of sewing, I've been quietly relishing a dip into a couple of novels and a little dollcrafting delight, while the rain beat against the conseratory windows. I thoroughly enjoyed 'The 19th Wife' by David Ebershoff' and even found myself reaching to read another chapter or two on the mornings I woke early. I have now moved on to another of 'Richard and Judy's Bookclub' recommendations, 'The luminous life of Lilly Aphrodite' by Beatrice Collin and I'm happy to admit the first hundred or so pages have hooked me into 'Tiny Lil's' life beautifully!

'The Complete Book of Doll Making' by Pamela Peake

Escapism aside, I found Pamela Peake's 'Complete book of doll making' online for only a few pounds (the wonders of the internet - I do love a bargain book!) and it arrived a few days ago. For a novice doll maker like me, this manual contains an absolute wealth of information, most of which would take me forever to unravel for myself, so all in all it was a very good buy as far as I'm concerned. On the subject of dollcraft, my subscription copy of 'Soft Dolls and Animals' also arrived earlier this week (yes, postie has been a busy bee here in Allington!) ... another useful read for anyone with an interest in dollmaking.

20" Florentine

I also finished a couple of lovely bears this week. 'Florentine' above was created as a commission order for a collector and I have another bear waiting for me in my sewing room ... I'm toying with the idea of holding a small online gallery show on my website later this month, but as you know, I love to show the new bears as soon as they are finished, so am not convinced I'll be able to keep schtum for long enough to prepare a spring show collection! I'll definitely have to give this plan more thought ...


  1. Florentine is lovely. Love your creations.

  2. Thanks for the little plug, Paula, I haven't seen the magazine yet. I still haven't got round to subscibing, one of those things on my "to do" list. I'll have a look for it tomorrow when I'm out and about! :)

  3. Hey, you're welcome Linda! I always look forward to my copy of the mag arriving from 'Downunder'!

    Valerie, thank you so much for your kind words about Florentine, it's lovely to hear you like her!


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