Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Bad head day ...

The title for the post should have read 'Dolly Day', but no, today has definitely been a 'bad head' day. Three raggy heads have been hurled unceremoniously into my waste paper bin and now they are looking up at me accusingly ...

Bad head day bin!

I'm determined to master my raggy dolls - I know they are supposed to look primitive, but honestly, the messy mistakes I've been making today would fit in perfectly at a paint sploshing day for four year olds! I've successfully wrecked heads through the silliest of carelessnesses ... a smudge here, a splot there ... I really must stop being so impatient with things if I am ever to achieve consistent results!

Nekkid 'ner, ner, ner, ner, ner' doll! (Name pending!)

So, my raggy doll count is limited to a single doll today; note the lack of paint on this nekkid wee doll ... frustrated by my artistic ineptitude, I opted to sew on vintage utility buttons for eyes rather than paint them - much safer on such a curmudgeonly day! With luck, tomorrow I'll be sufficiently calm and collected again, able to dress this disrespectful miss without cursing her! (By the way, is it just me or does she look as though she is poking out her tongue at me in 'ner, ner, ner, ner, ner' fashion?! Hmph!)


  1. Patience Paula Patience:0)
    We all have bad days and once they start that way everything seems to go wrong.
    Never mind new day tomorrow and then everything will go right and you will wonder what all the fuss was about!

  2. step away from the heads ;) i have days like this when I SO want things to work out just how I want and then when they don't I keep trying harder and harder getting more and more frustrated! Really, one day I will also learn to .... step away from the heads! I find that going for a wee walk for fresh air helps to calm my nerves on days like this! I think she is a cheeky cutie pie that you created and look forward to her outfit :) Catherine xx

  3. I'm trying to make a new doll and am now on the 6th head. Can't get the shape I want no matter what I try...the chin is still far too pointy... and the really stupid thing is... the absolute same size pattern pieces cut from different fabric(one with some stretch and one with none at all) by the time they are stuffed become totally different sizes. Hugely different! ..as a matter of fact... 3 times different...arrrgghhhhhh!! my bin is nearly full of heads!

  4. oh Paula, thanks for making me a ride on this time machine, i can see your development of rag dolls, love them all, even those were in the bin. Enjoy seeing those funny and silly touches and markings, keep on, i absolutely agree with you, to work on design consistency.
    rag doll fans, susana *△*


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