Wednesday, 18 March 2009

The Odd Job Lady

My goodness, it's already a quarter to five in the afternoon and there have been so many loose ends for me to tie today, I haven't had time to sew a solitary stitch. A significant portion of this bearmaker's day disappeared writing answers to interview questions for the Teddy Bear Review magazine article ... those questions looked innocent enough, but they sure made my cogs whirl! Hopefully I've put together enough information for an interesting read when the mag is published. By the way, I've been told my article will appear in the July/August publication which will give me something exciting to look forward to!

I also sent little 'Tiddler' on his way to Belgium this afternoon, so with a good Spring breeze blowing in the right direction, he will soon be with his new owner.

Finally, I overhauled a couple of pages on my website. It certainly needed freshening up as some of the pics of me were almost three years old and much as I'd love to stay forever young, I think I was possibly pushing my luck! 'Paula's Page' is now bang up-to-date with the pics Tina took of me a few weeks ago. I have also given the 'Awards Winners' page a Spring clean because it had become cluttered. Now I'm feeling far more organised and will be able to return to work on the white bear in my work basket tomorrow, without all those odd jobs hanging heavily over me!

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  1. Aaah Paula , I feel bad now ! I've been so busy I've neglected the house ( and let's not mention the website :0) LOL )
    I think I better get round to sending that copy back to Teddy Bear Review too !! Right , next task lined up then !
    BTW hope you'll give Tiddler a squeeze from me please :0)
    Huggies , Ruth


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