Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Getting Gritty!

It was so good to finally see some Spring sunshine yesterday! I line-dried two washing loads of unmentionables ... (I can hear my sister's chuckling at 1950's housewife Paula from here!) Don't you just love the springtime freshness of line-dried laundry?! By the way mocking sisters, 1950's housewife Paula also made a delicious beef stew for dinner ... hmmn, bet you girls are drooling rather than teasing now eh?

Taking Jane's online dolly course ...

Anyway, domestic enslavement to one side, I've also been up to my eyeballs in clay and paint for several days. No, not bear making, this time I took the plunge and began work on a primitive cloth and clay dolly - what a learning curve this is proving to be! There was a point at which I despaired of ever achieving anything amounting to finesse with my clay, but with encouragment from the wonderfully generous doll crafters already on the course, I stuck at it and am pleased to report I can now almost see a flicker of light at the end of my doll making tunnel.

Jane DesRosiers Cloth and Clay Doll workshop

If you would like to learn how to make a cloth and clay dolly in primitive style, I can highly recommend Jane DesRosiers' 'Gritty Arts Studio' course ...
Jane is an excellent tutor, her course is really interesting and whatever your talents prove to be, it's fun!

Dolly's striking a pose!

I have yet to paint and dress my little prim doll and absolutely no idea of how I'll get on with that (my painting skills are usually restricted to wall emulsion!) but hopefully she'll soon be finished and I will be able to share her picture with you. In the meantime, I must put my bearmaker's head back on because I have a workbasket of pretty pink mohair bits, waiting patiently for me to whistle them up into a lovely springtime bear!


  1. Hey!! I've just begun to try my hand at some paperclay@! Maybe I should be taking a class instead of muddling along alone. Although I have been searching out some tutorials online and some doll makers have actually shared a bit of info with me....

    she is cute, your dolly.....

    check out my first layers of clay on a face.... on my blog....

  2. I did check it out Paula....hahhaha...and...I notice several bear makers are also taking the class. That's pretty funny.... seems lots of bear makers are doll makers now... and vice versa.. I did the same.... but, never really did get too seriously into the bear making I suppose. All of it hasn't really progressed much past a fun thing for me....

  3. I guess those of us who enjoy crafting will always find a new avenue to explore Vee! I've missed having an absorbing hobby since my bears became my business. It's fun learning something I know so little about!


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