Tuesday, 24 March 2009

A fine 'ol Paddy!

New bear, 20" Paddy

White bears are always some of my favourites to make, there are so many possibilities with white! This time, I've kept my design classic, working with clean lines and a neutral theme. I used a lovely dense half inch pile soft white mohair with a pretty sheen to create 20" 'Paddy' as this fabric works beautifully to show off his teddy bear proportions. As German pure wool felt works so well with this style of bear, I have chosen a light beige felt and subtlely shaded it with my airbrush, to give depth and a more 'aged' effect.

Paddy is now available from www.allbear.co.uk

Paddy is lovely to hold, weighted with pellets and of course, has a traditional teddy bear growler in his tum. Wearing his simple primitive rusty style bell, handsome Paddy is all set to find himself a welcoming new home!

Update: Paddy has now found his special someone and will be moving to Belgium to live!


  1. he is a gorgeous boy, and I love his name, my Grandfather was called Paddy :) Hugs, Catherine x

  2. Just gorgeous, I adore the last few you have made, just love them.
    Sue xx

  3. Aw, thanks you two. I'm so pleased you like this bear ... the photos don't really do him enough justice, he's lovely to hold!


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