Sunday, 4 January 2009

A Clean Slate

The All Bear website has had a spring clean for 2009! Time to put away the snowflakes and freshen backgrounds/text in readinness for the arrival of the first bears of the new season. I also asked my photographer sister Tina to help me update the site by creating a new design for the front page. Tina's Photoshop skills are far more advanced than mine and she has built a lovely warm graphic, using a soft earthy palette to welcome visitors to the site ... I do hope you approve of the change! I especially like the pebbly background Tina has chosen to set my bears against. Thanks to you as always Sis x

Alpacas, mohair ... new fabrics mean new bears for 2009!
But today is Sunday, so no bear-making for me just yet; instead I have the promise of a peaceful afternoon to myself while Stuart does that inexplicable man thing and braves the cold to join his dad watching their footy team play live. I fully intend to make the most of my 'me' time to finish the colourful little fellow below, whilst watching a suitably 'girly' film and toasting myself in front the fire ... could anything be more perfect on this icy January Sunday? Oh yes! You're absolutely right, I should include some chocolate ... first though, some piping hot soup!
'Buttons' clown in progress - knitting pattern by Jean Greenhowe. He's waiting for a pom pom to top off his hat and a bright orange clown wig ... then he'll be all ready for a certain special someone's birthday!

2009, not only a time for review, but also a time for renewal. Twelve more bear-making months lay before me and I am hoping they will be creatively fulfilling and of course, profitable! The best thing about a new year is with it comes a clean slate and after a family filled fortnight, I am ready to lay aside my 'Mum' head until teatime each day (when they return home from work hungry!) to claim back my daytime hours and begin work on my 2009 bears.
A tidy workroom for Jan 2009 ... note to self: those shelves need new bears to sit on them Paula!
I spent a few necessary hours tidying during the Christmas holiday and am now happy to have a well organised workroom I can move around in again - it was resembling a dumping ground before Christmas. I also have a delicious stash of new fabrics to work with and like the proverbial kid in a candy shop, I can't wait to indulge myself and start bringing these half metre beauties to life.


  1. I just love the colors of your new mohair Paula. Some fabulous new bears on the way for sure.
    Hugs, Tina

  2. Paula, you really do impress me with your talent and artistic ability. I like your bears and other dolls you make, and your blogsite is always very crisp and clear. Well done! Your stone texture is certainly different. - Dave

  3. Hello you two! I hope you are enjoying the first days of our new year. Tina, I'm so pleased you like the new colours .. I'm really looking forward to working with them very soon. Dave, what a lovely compliment, thank you! I don't really see myself as artistic, I just like to be good at what I can do, rather than worrying about being able to do everything - if you see what I mean! I love creating my bears and the knitted dolls are fun too ... I'd love to be more artistic in other areas though ... I mean, wouldn't it be wonderful to be able to paint a beautiful landscape for example? I know I'm not very capable when it comes to drawing or painting though, so instead, I try to teach myself how to capture pictures with my camera!

  4. Ooooh, such pretty fabrics, I just want to run my little mohair grubbing fingers in them! heehee.
    Can't wait to see what you create!


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