Wednesday, 11 June 2008

On the shelf

20" bears, Rodney & Loretta

Of the ten bears I created for the TBAE show, only two remain with me now. Rodney and Loretta are now available to purchase, so if either, (or maybe even both ... they make such a handsome couple!) of these lovely centre-seam, growling bears tugs at your heartstrings, you are most welcome to contact me for more information. Full details for both bears are now available on my website at

Thursday 12th June update:
Rodney has now found his special someone and will be joining them in the West Country very soon! On an impulse yesterday, I decided it was time for an auction, so I have now listed the lovely Loretta on Ebay.
Monday 16th June update:
Yippee! Loretta has now found her perfect person and is no longer 'on the shelf'!

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