Wednesday, 10 January 2018

A gaggle of geese

First day back with our dog training group this year and already it's been eventful! Polly worked hard in class this morning, doing a great job of showing off her obedience moves in our local park, before being allowed a free run with her doggy friends. Then, after a quick circuit of the bushes, she took off in the direction of the main lake and the next thing I heard was a splash and indignant squawks from a gaggle of geese as Polly chased them into the lake,  jumping in behind them! By the time I caught up with her ladyship, she had plonked her paws on top of a large piece of wood at the edge of the lake and was waiting helplessly to be rescued. There was nothing for it but to brave the muddy bank and haul madam unceremoniously out by her collar. Needless to say, she thanked me by shaking as hard as possible and soaking me. One thing's for sure, there's never a dull moment when you are a dog owner!

It has been a lively start to Wednesday and Polly and I have had a whale of a time together. She's snoozing at home in the sunny spot now while she dries off - this time after a bath and a banana and mango shampoo.

It would have/should have, been my Dad's 82nd birthday today and I know he would have enjoyed hearing about Polly's antics. I still miss being able to share these simple things with him over a cuppa, or on the telephone, like we used to.

Happy Birthday to you Dad, 
I miss you. 
Love always, 
PJ xxx

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