Thursday, 27 July 2017


I have never have had a head for heights, regrettably failing to inherent my mother's daredevil gene ... (she has bungee'd, white water rafted, abseiled and even done that 'dangle from a parachute' thing. Her most recent madness being a crazy-scary face down plunge from a mountaintop in Wales, along a mile long zip wire ... at the age of 75!)

Despite being a complete wuss and having a long way to go to match my mother's adventuresome spirit, I will try my hand at almost anything if it puts a smiles on my grandson's face and this week, was by far the oldest participant in our local 'Jungle Gym', as my intrepid adventurer scaled rope bridges, urging me to 'up here Nana'!  It was hot, it was slippery and by gum it was exhausting, but we had an absolute blast together!


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