Monday, 7 August 2017

A family postcard from Cornwall

 So there I was, thinking we probably wouldn't manage a holiday this year and at the last minute we managed to find a spare week, invite the kids, grab the dogs and take off to beautiful Cornwall together! 

It has been an absolute joy to spend time with all my family in the place I always loved to visit while my kids were growing up.

And Polly 'n Betty have had a wonderful time playing on beaches, climbing cliffs and walking with all their favourite people!

My son, daughter and I have revisited old memories with great fondness whilst visiting these special places as a family and made wonderful new memories this year with my husband, Grandson, daughter-in-law and future son-in-law.

And speaking of my future son-in-law Neil, I'd like to thank him for taking care of our holiday memories by taking these beautiful photographs. I'd also like to thank my husband for making this holiday a possibility and everyone for seizing the opportunity to drive over three hundred miles to share time together under one roof as a family. It has been a very special holiday and one I will always remember with great happiness!


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