Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Ripening plums

Rodney found his climbing legs this week and his favourite lookout is now perched high in our plum tree.

At five months of age, this cheeky kitten has us enchanted. He is such a sweetheart and even has my dogs wrapped around his needle sharp little paws.

He wakes me politely each morning by walking along my back and settling between my shoulders, purring loudly ... and if that doesn't work, puts his nose  softly to mine until I open my eyes and say good morning!

It won't be much longer before young Rodders wants to explore further than the safety of our back garden; cats are such curious creatures after all. It always makes me nervous when first they take off into the Big Wide World beyond the garden fence! I will be taking him to visit the vet for removal of his own ripening plums (!) in a few week's time ... hopefully that will keep his wanderlust in check and ensure we don't have a neighbourhood of 'mini Rodneys' arriving beyond our fence in a few months' time!

Stay safe Rodney x


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