Thursday, 4 May 2017

If at first you don't succeed ...

What with the arrival of Rodney the Kitten, my general dog, household and grandson duties, together with a couple of lovely visits to the theatre ... (one with my daughter to see Caro Emerald perform in Camden and the other with my sister to see the latest Matthew Bourne ballet 'The red shoes' ... both of which were superb performances and very fun nights out!) ... time for artistic endeavour has been rather limited.

However, somehow I managed to squeeze a little 'me' time on Bank Holiday Monday. Having only just mastered control of my pencil, I challenged myself by plunging head first into the unpredictability of watercolour paint - oh dear, whatever was I thinking?!  My first picture left much to be desired, in fact I probably made just about every mistake ever recorded in that single sloppy portrait. Never one to be defeated though, I set the wretched thing aside for a few days until I could see how to justify the time I had 'wasted' ... and this morning, the penny dropped!  I poured myself a mug of  strong coffee, reached for my pastel pencils and began to work over that original picture. I haven't quite finished fiddling, but at least I'm smiling now when I look at it, rather than grimacing, so I think by adding my favourite pastel pencils into my watery wanderings, I may have found a creative Creative comfort zone ... for now, at least!


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