Monday, 23 May 2016

Happy Mum

My little girl (now aged thirty three!) found herself home alone and without a car at the weekend.  A round trip to Tunbridge Wells to scoop her up and bring her back to our house, meant I could tuck her up in her old room for the night and make the most of a whole weekend of precious 'mum/daughter' time.  We shared dinner on Saturday evening with my son and his family and as I listened to my kids nattering away in the living room together while I prepared dinner, I couldn't help smiling ... it was just like old times.

On Sunday, we set out for a walk with all my girls, (Fay, Polly and Betty). Fay walked Polly and Polly was noticeably on her best behaviour.  In fact, she has had a huge soppy grin on her face all weekend ... like me, she has been so thrilled to have 'her' Fay back home to stay!

Having your grown up kids leave home is a real wrench, but you really do appreciate them so much more, whenever they are able to come home.  

I have had such a lovely weekend with my 'mummy' head on!


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