Saturday, 23 April 2011

Oh deer!

Good Friday was bathed in glorious, wall to wall sunshine, so I grabbed my best camera and Stuart grabbed his grandson, then we drove off in the direction of beautiful Knole Park in Sevenoaks

Regular 'Bearing All' readers will know this wasn't our first visit to the deer park and usually we find plenty of deer to watch, but not yesterday! It may have been heat that drove them into deep hiding, but I have a sneaking suspicion the boisterous six year old accompanying us probably had something to do with the disappearance of all but the most bold of those gentle creatures!

Nevertheless, as always, we enjoyed wandering through the grounds and come the Autumn, will no doubt be back to admire the park's breathtaking golden season and the stags in all their rutting finery.

I keep promising myself a visit inside 'Knole House' one day, but the park is so beautiful, I'm always reluctant to tear myself away for long enough!

Knole House

Knole House is an amazing property and has so many chimneys! Chimneys signified status in days of yore, so there's no doubt this place was built to impress.

 But even if, by some quirk of fate, the chimneys do fail make an impression on you, the stunning driveway, sweeping through the parkland from Sevenoaks town centre, right up to the front of the property, can't fail ... it really is absolutely fabulous!

Rounding off our lovely walk in the sunshine, with a well earned ice lolly!

If you would like to visit Knole Park, please visit the link below for further information:


  1. wow...thanks for sharing this story...

  2. What a beautiful day that looked, Knole looks stunning. Hugs, Catherine x


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