Thursday, 14 April 2011

Some things will never change.

My little boy turned 26 yesterday.  I guess at six foot three, working regularly overseas and with a mortgage in his own right now, it's time for me to face facts and accept he's not so little any more.  So, I won't whimper on about 'where did all the years go?'  Suffice it to say this year, rather than make his birthday tea myself, I was invited to share the celebrations as a guest in his new home.

Our Birthday Boy!  King of his very own couch.

Birthday cup cakes courtesy of Anthony's girlfriend Hannah - yum!

You'll always find us in the kitchen at parties!

It was lovely to share my son's birthday in his new home and I guess maybe in time, I might become used to not having to do the clearing up afterwards ...

Ants and Murphy

Happily some family traditions stay the same and as his Mum, I naturally maintain the right to embarrass my boy on his birthday; so here he is, aged a cheeky eleven or thereabouts, with his favourite bear 'Murphy' (made by Frank Webster) perched on his shoulder.  I smiled broadly to see old Murphy perched on the corner of Anthony's smart new living room shelf yesterday ... there's comfort in knowing some things will never change eh?!

Happiest of birthday wishes to you my boy,
with much love always,
Your Muva xxx


  1. Thanks for sharing the great photos and touching story. We agree, no matter what age, a bear is still a great friend to have!

  2. Thank you for sharing those wonderwul moments... The picture with Murphy is beautiful :)

  3. Awww..such a touching story matter how old they get..we still think of them as little don't we.

    Happy Birthday to you handsome son & congratulations to him on his new home. I think it is SO, SO sweet that he had that little bear in his living room...that is a good son!!!

    Hugs, Doreen


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