Wednesday, 1 December 2010

The weather outside is frightful ...

My heart sank when I heard the predictions for snow throughout the UK this week, which is most unlike me.  Last year the heavy snow and our fleeting picture postcard world had me reaching for my welly boots and camera ...

But not this year.  This year I'm staring out the window praying for the fastest thaw known to man, because I made a special promise to my Dad before he left. By hook or by crook, I must travel in the next few days, because some things in life and death are more important than the weather.

So today I'm cosying up in my armchair to finish knitting this bear's woolly pully, but I'll be keeping one eye on that window, willing the sun to shine and the snow to melt away ...


  1. Oh no, hope it clears for you! As long as it's gone by next Friday I don't mind what it does up here :o)

  2. Good luck on your travels Paula. I hope the weather clears for you.


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