Monday, 1 November 2010

Miss Mayhem too!

In my last post I introduced you to Nikkety Nakkety Noo, my Halloween clown bear and today I can share 'Miss Mayhem' with you too.  She has been a secret project, kept under wraps for fear of my sister Fiona discovering what I've been up to ... you see, I wanted to give Miss Mayhem to Fiona at her Halloween party yesterday, as a surprise early birthday present!

'Miss Mayhem'

I am happy to report my Witchypoo sister Fiona, was delighted with her Witchypoo Dolly Doodle!  An early Happy Birthday to you Sis xxx

'Sin-derella' with her Emerald Witch Auntie Paula!

We enjoyed a whole heap of All Hallowes Eve mischief in Wormshill under cover of darkness last night ... it was the strangest sensation pulling up to my sister's driveway on the outskirts of the village and seeing her house bathed in eerie green light with werewolves, witches, wizards, vampires and pumpkins outlined in the kitchen window! 

Here are a few of my daft family members in full 'fright night' regalia ...

Fo's Simon as 'Beetlejuice'

'Wizard Stuart'

A bevvy of Halloween terrors!

The Pumpkins!

Our lovely Halloween clown, my niece Justine

My Vampire niece Lauren with Erin, our mini Pumpkin

A pretty scarey bunch eh?!

My photographer sister Tina (big pumpkin!) took some super pics, so when she's ready, I'll see if I can borrow some to show you a few of the other characters (unsurprisingly, our Mum made a spooktacularly realistic witch ... now why didn't that surprise anyone I wonder?!)

I must confess, my witching hour celebrations aren't quite what they used to be and this cranky ol' Emerald Witch is yawning like crazy today as she types her post to you ... I think it's time she put her broomstick safely back into storage until next year!

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