Wednesday, 3 November 2010

More Halloween Hocus Pocus!

Emerald Witch Paula

I promise faithfully to move towards Christmas shortly, but first, I must just share these fab Halloween photos with you all.  My sister Tina brought her amazing new 'bells and whistles' camera to Fo's All Hallowes party in Wormshill at the weekend and worked some pretty spooktacular magic ...

Our first official meeting of the coven!

The coven meeting goes to pot!

Beetlejuice with my witchypoo sister Fiona


My witchypoo Mum with my Wizard Stuart!

Chief Witchypoo Fiona


Spooky Sis!

Our cute mini Hubble Bubble pumpkin

'Me 'n my girl' ... my son tormenting his poor purple witchypoo Hannah!

Two ol' crones enjoy a sisterly cackle!

Pumpkin Tina with her lovely daughters (plus our cute mini pumpkin!)

Aw, Count Dracula with his very own Pumpkin!


Soooo scarey ... gulp!!!!

Sisters dear!

Fay vamps it up!

Auntie Emerald Witch with two of her gorgeously naughty nieces!

Thanks to Tina, there were so many fantastic Halloween photographs.  It was really tricky to select just a few to show you here ... I do hope you have enjoyed sharing our family Halloween fun!

Our Mum, as an eerily realistic witch!

Tina, if you are reading this, thanks kid with much love from us all xxx  You did a fab job capturing everyone's smiles and the spirit of our Halloween. Dad would have absolutely loved these pics (not to mention the fact that he wouldn't have been able to resist offering a few well chosen words on the subject of Mum's costume in particular! Lol!)

Apple bobbing!

If you would like to see more of my amazingly talented sister Tina's work, you are very welcome visit her website below:


  1. OHHHHHHHHH!!! you are so beauty witches!

  2. How WONDERFUL! It looks like you all had a fabulous time.
    Heaps of Hugs,

  3. I've never seen witches looking so BOOtiful!!

    Hugs, Sarah x

  4. Fab collection of photos. Next year we're all halloween partying with you :oD

  5. Loved seeing the wonderful pictures - great costumes -


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