Monday, 14 September 2009

The morning after the day before ...

So here we are, already it's Monday morning and the Teddies 2009 show is now no more than a memory.  Ah, but such a memory!  There were happy smiling faces aplenty as visiting collectors enjoyed the fabulous array of bears on offer yesterday.  Many went home clutching precious bags bursting with teddy bears, their queue to enter the hallowed halls of Kensington Town Hall, well rewarded.
My stand in Hall 2 at the opening of the 'Teddies 2009' show

As usual, my show day in Hall 2 was spent chatting and laughing from start to finish.  Aside from the business of selling bears, catching up with friends old and new at shows is something all we bear makers enjoy.  I had a lovely time hearing news from friends who had travelled from around the world to visit the show, some to exhibit, others to collect and somehow, between each those conversations, my bears and dolls flirted with collectors across the aisles and secured themselves caring new homes!  Dear old Pumpkin wasn't quite so fortunate - he was perched on the highest shelf and watched anxiously as his pals on the lower levels hopped excitedly into new bags and into the hearts of their new owners.  I'm sure Pumpkin will soon find someone very special to adopt him, but in the meantime, it's lovely to have him keeping me company in my workroom!

Pumpkin is hoping to find his special someone very soon!


  1. Poor Pumpkin, he's lovely and I'd give him a home any day if the bank account allowed! Glad you had such a good show!

  2. I'm so glad it was a wonderful show Paula, poor little Pumpkin watching all his friends go. But I bet he is secretly pleased for now to have extra hugs with you :)
    Catherine x

  3. Paula, I'm glad Hugglets went so well! Someday I'm going to have to find a way to get there. As for Pumpkin, he's a dear, sweet bear--I wish I could take him home myself!

  4. It was a great show and it was lovely to meet you, and see your bears in the fur.I'm sure that Pumpkin won't be around for long!!

  5. Hi Paula

    Sounds like a great day was had. Pumpkin will be gone before you know it. I love his colour. How did your annies go?


  6. Hello! Good to hear from you all! Thanks for popping in.

    Ginie, it was lovely to meet you too, thanks for stopping by so I could put a face to your name at last!

    Well, I'm happy to report Pumpkin is currently reserved ... so hopefully he'll have a new mum by the end of the day!

    Raewyn, I'm so surprised to be able to tell you all the raggy dolls have all sold!!!!!! :o)

  7. Hi Paula
    I hope you had a great bear show. The shows in Aussie are going down hill fast - less traders and attendees. But the tables competitions are still of a high standard. I really think they are still worth a look. And you meet so many wonderful people!!!!!
    Bear Hugs


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