Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Just a Tiddler

13" 'Tiddler'

Continuuing my 'neutrals' theme, I finished this little fella 'Tiddler' today. He's one of my smallest bears at just 13" and is a simple 'no frills,' classic alpaca cub. Cute eh?!

'Tiddler' is now available direct from www.allbear.co.uk

'Tiddler,' passing the time of day on my workroom shelf, with his 20" buddy 'Henry'.

17/03/09 Tiddler Update: Tiddler has now sold and will be flying to Belgium to live!


  1. glad someones keeping my henry company.

  2. looks like he's saying something like..."hey little guy...how's it goin'?" or perhaps..."not to worry... small is a good thing" ....

  3. I love the photo of the two of them talking to each other. They look adorable.

  4. Tiddler is very cute!!! Good luck to him in the flight to Belgium.

  5. Tiddler and Henry look like great pals! Very nice bears.

  6. Two cute guys just shooting the breeze ...
    They are beautiful!

  7. He is just gorgeous and what a picture of the both of then
    Sue xx

  8. what a cutie pie Tiddler is and he looks so cute with Henry. What fun to see Tiddler flying over here to Belgium. Hugs, Catherine x

  9. I'm so pleased you like Tiddler and Henry! I must admit, the quick snap I took in my workroom is a wee bit on the cute side, even if I do say so myself!


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