Thursday, 5 March 2009

Haughty Helga

Here she is, my very first handmade doll! I see so many flaws, but also a little character who makes me smile. I'm almost embarrassed to tell you my first attempt at a primitive cloth and clay doll evolved into 'Haughty Helga', a pimply middle-aged housefrau! I can't quite believe that's who my first ever dolly turned out to be, but who am I to argue?!

'Haughty Helga'

You could definitely write what I know about painting and sculpting on the back of the world's tiniest stamp, so as you will appreciate, I have a long way to go with my doll making hobby. I'm impatient too, which probably doesn't help ... the kind of girl who always works on a trial and error (absolutely more error than trial) basis. So, here's my disclaimer - duly signed and sealed as I submit my very first painted lady for your delectation!

'Helga' - pre-antiquing

It was hard to convince Helga she should allow me to play with the antiquing medium, after all, as my first ever doll, she's supposed to understand my need to experiment, right? I know scumming up a lady of her maturity may have been a little harsh, but how's a new dollcrafter supposed to learn all the clever tricks otherwise? Disapproval oozed from my Helga as I smeared on the brown stuff and to be honest, she hasn't stopped looking down her nose at me since ...

(Shown with my lovely vintage 1940's Chiltern bear)
My very first attempt at cloth and clay dolly making!

Nope, even her new plaid skirt didn't cheer her up ... would you believe it, my very first handcrafted dolly and already I'm in the doghouse! Hmph.


  1. A very creditable attempt first time around. I'm sure that you will improve with practice. She is full of character, even if a little haughty.

    I love your bears, by the way.

  2. You could'nt make a dud if you tried! She is great, full of character, blimey I'm impressed. The skirt looks fabulous, well done.

  3. WOW!!! She is adorable!!! I'm impressed!

  4. Paula she is fantastic, the dress just finishes her.
    You should definitely make more
    Huggies Sue xx

  5. What a fascinating process Paula - she does have bags of character :0)
    I love the spindly arms and legs on these dolls too . Will Helga get a handful of haughty daughters ?? !

  6. I love her too! Don't be so hard on yourself! Her name is perfect!

    Hugs, Sarah x

  7. I love her anyway, Paula!
    Sorry for having been away for a while...
    Monica x.

  8. Aw, you girls are way too kind, but thank you anyway! LOL! I loved making Helga - she and I are more similar than I'd care to confess I think! Ruth, yes I am definitely hoping to find some more spare time to play with the clay again ... Helga needs a ... well, I wish I knew, I'll have to wait and see where the creative process leads me again!

  9. ahhahah're too funny Paula. Don't worry, you'll figure it out. It's all trial and error really...and, she is great for your first attempt at any of it...

  10. Paula I love Helga! She looks wonderful with your Chiltern bear.

    Laura Lynn


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