Monday, 9 March 2009

Dollying around ...

Another weekend flown past, they don't hang around for long do they? Stuart had to work on Saturday, so I took the opportunity to start my next dolly project to while away a few hours. I've been dying to try another style of doll-making and as you know, have a fancy for the primitive raggies, so of course, I opted for a raggedy doll. As this is only the second doll (aside from knitteds) I have ever made, I chose to work from a purchased pattern to see how someone far more experienced than me, recommends doing things. I used a versatile pattern by 'Sweet Meadows Farm' to create my interpretation of one of Maureen Mills' raggedy dolls. If you would like to see more of Maureen's wonderful dolls, please visit

'Bessie Buttons', my very first prim raggedy doll!
I was hoping my little raggedy doll would finish up somewhere between cute and prim - a little grungy so I had a good excuse to mess around with tea stains, sandpaper and so on, but still on the endearing side and surprise, surprise, I think that's where she eventually landed up!

Dollying around ...

Typically of me, I decided not to start with the straightforward flat-faced dolly, instead I headed for the more complicated round head doll - which was fun to make, but has proved to me I need more practise with my stuffing technique, so that next time my doll's head will be a little more rounded.

Helga and Bessie, my very first attempts at doll-making
(Pictured with my lovely 1940's Chiltern 'Bobby Bear')

As I was saying, 'Bessie Buttons' is the outcome of my weekend's crafting and she as been heaps of fun to make! I felt far more in my comfort zone making this doll than I felt while I was making 'Helga', my cloth and clay doll, but even so, there's still plenty of room for improvement (isn't there always?!) and I'm looking forward to more dollying around in future!


  1. LOVE- I mean LOVE- this one!!!
    You have inspired me to make my own ;) Thank you, Paula!
    Monica xo.

  2. I love your new doll, so pretty and prim. Her clothes are so cute. I really am inspired to make one, I brought a pattern a few months ago and must try and find it.

  3. Bessie Buttons is super. You are so talented.

  4. Perfect for the first primitive dolls!!! Sweet and thoughtful was a girl. Perhaps she is dreaming of his future girlfriend :)

  5. Goodonya Paula! A very nice first attempt raggy. Has inspired me to rummage around in the cupboard for the long forgotten bits and pieces to have a go myself!
    Hugs Lyn x

  6. Wow Paula if thats your first attempt then I think you may have found another calling here, she brilliant, I love her, can't wait to see more!

  7. I just love your rag doll Paula.She has turned out lovely for your first attempt.I would love to have a go at making one if I ever find the time.

  8. She is super adorable, Paula. I think you definitely reach the prim cuteness factor.


  9. She has turned out wonderfully. I love the eyes....

  10. Ooh, I'm quite taken aback by these comments ... thank you so much! I was a little nervous at sharing my first raggy here on my blog, so this is lovely to hear!

  11. Paula she is lovely! I have started collecting Annies too... may have to try my hand at one... ;)
    Laura Lynn

  12. haven't make round face before, tempted to give it a try on this.
    thanks for the link, hope i can get in touch with them.


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