Friday, 6 March 2009

Dressed to impress!

14" Flossie - now available from

After my recent dolly diversion, I thought I'd better get back to some bear making and create a new bear for my website. We've had a few bursts of Spring sunshine of late, which put me in mind of some pretty cotton print I've had tucked away; I don't usually use cottons for my paws, but this was such a lovely 'shabby chic' print, I couldn't resist teaming it with powder puff pink alpaca to create 'Flossie', a pretty little girl bear.

My very simple Spring frock

Needless to say, one thing led to another and I did something I never do, I made a matching dress! My dressmaking skills are limited to say the least, but I perserved with creating my own pattern earlier today and eventually came up with a simple gathered skirt frock ... it's a little snug because I didn't think to incorporate an opening in the waistband, but no matter, Flossie can just about wriggle in and wriggle out again if she breathes in! Funnily enough that puts me in mind of my daughter, who called me from the depths of her bedroom yesterday morning to help zip her into her smart, but oh-so-snug 'Power Dress,' because she had a meeting to attend. The lengths girls go to to impress eh?!

Flossie update: Flossie has now been snapped up by a lovely collector living in Finland!


  1. LOVE***LOVE****LOVE****her! She's fantastic with a matching dress!!!!!!!!!

  2. Flossie is just too cute for words.

  3. Just lovely. So spring like. Great minds think alike, I'm working on a lilac bear with cotton print pads. Mine are little so I managed with quilting squares. Glad to see such a fashionable bear going to the country of fashion!

  4. WAAAAY cute, Paula. This one's particularly adorable. :)

  5. I'm so pleased you like my little Spring lass ... she'll be off to Finland to live next week. I'm told they still have snow on the ground there, so Flossie will have to take the Spring sunshine with her!


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