Wednesday, 7 January 2009

First offering of 2009!

'Huffy', my first new bear of 2009!

Oooh, I'm feeling a definite sense of accomplishment today! I've just completed my first new bear for 2009. Whoppee! I think the current sub zero temperatures in Kent may be subconsiously playing a part in my design process ... 'Huffy' is definitely a wintery bear, don't you think?! Perfect for warm snuggly hugs!

'Huffy' - 20" alpaca teddy bear
Now available for purchase from

NEWS UPDATE: Huffy sat patiently on the website for about an hour before being invited to the US to live - he'll be flying high very soon!


  1. Oh Paula, I love him! Why didn't I think of doing a grey bear for winter? He's so unique. His snow covered background is just perfect!

    Great start to 2009!

    Hugs, Sarah x

  2. Oooh! He's fabulous! No wonder he has been snapped up so quickly!
    Lovely photo too!

  3. *Sigh* What a handsome fellow! I think I am in love! I just saw him on TT today and went straigh to you website and he is sold!!! So surprise though.

  4. Lovely bear Paula and Sarah's right his grey alpaca is beautiful against the snowy background,
    Hugs Ginie

  5. Thanks everyone! It's lovely to hear from you and I'm so pleased you like my wintery bear ... that alpaca would make a great blanket in this snow!!!

  6. Oh wow Paula!!! The first one already and I thought I'd beat you this year!
    I really love, love, love this bear!
    Hugs, Ellen

  7. awww such a handsome fella - thanks for your encouraging words on my blog :) Catherine x

  8. Hello you two, thank you for taking the time to pop in to meet Huffy!

  9. Your blog really is teddy bear heaven. They are all so cute.


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