Thursday, 22 January 2009

Birthday Girl

Yes, of course I know I have another two whole weeks until my real birthday, but I couldn't wait until then to treat myself to a little present. Not for me shoes and handbags, oh no! I craved a dolly ... now how daft is that at my age?! I've been fascinated by rag dollies for a long time and when I saw this handcrafted little lady, I knew the time had come to go ahead and indulge myself; after all, if you can't be a little daft in your forties, when on earth can you be?! Raggy Doll had a long journey from the US, but arrived safely this morning and I don't mind confessing to feeling like a kid at Christmas when postie handed over her box! Raggy Doll is now sitting on a chair in my workroom, making me smile every time I peek at her!

My birthday raggy doll

Me being me, of course I couldn't leave it at the dolly could I?! I also discovered this great book about recreating the earliest rag dolls, written by Shannon McConnnachie of Sweet Liberty Homestead and as I am fascinated by the historical development of crafting toys, I snapped it up. I was delighted when that too came in today's post! This book has only just been published, so I'm thrilled to have my very own copy and am really looking to snuggling up in my armchair later today and burying my nose in it; the photographs inside look fantastic - I really think this book is going to be a great read.

'Stitches in time' ... by Shannon McConnachie of Sweet Liberty Homestead

So rather than concern myself about becoming yet another year older in a fortnight, instead I'm having fun doing exactly as I please without feeling the need to act my age; now that's how an impending birthday should make you feel, don't you think?!


  1. Oh Paula I love her, she's beautiful. I too have a passion for rag dolls and over Christmas decided to make my own, well its safe to say I am not a doll maker and should stick to the bears, it was so terrible it looked like some kind of voodo doll!

  2. Paula she is simply adorable!! I know what you mean, I have just recently started craving rag dolls myself. So far I have 5. They just seem to go with our bears so well :)

  3. Raggy Doll is gorgeous Paula and looks very happy in her new home! I had a go at making a rag doll too but the poor thing has been without arms and legs for nearly a year now! Perhaps it's time to finish her, I'm feeling guilty now!
    Hugs Ginie-Lee :-)

  4. what a sweet little face she has. I wonder if I might just have to try making a raggy doll some day.... maybe I need a book.... hmmmmmm....... or a pattern.....or... I go to have a look... oh, just a minute..must exercise first.
    I, too, just had a birthday.... and even though I am at the best age for doing as I damn please, same as you.... the old body parts are beginning to fail,must try to keep me as strong as possible to deal with some of the things I already have working against me..

  5. Adorable doll! That book looks gorgeous, just as wonderful to look at as to read!

    Hugs, Sarah x

  6. Hi Paula, I have just given you one of my blog awards, I am sure you have received a few but I couldn't leave you out, for your contribution to the teddy world
    Sue xx

  7. She's just gorgeous Paula, a lovely present. Its whatever makes you happy, I love them too. I had a go at making one about 9 months ago but she is half finished and left in the bag, I don't think I fancy doing her face, that's what put me off.


  8. Isn't Raggy Doll just the most gorgeous Dolly. I don't blame you for getting her Paula. I must agree with you, life in your 40's is so much fun, and you finally get the confidence to do just what you want without worrying about what people think. That book looks wonderful too. I must look it up.

  9. Oh lovley....funny enough I've been on a few Blogs where people make Annies, there are some lovely ones out there. Lucky you.

  10. I just love your rag doll Paula.I have never been a doll person but there is something about rag dolls that I love.I used to buy them for my daughter when she was younger just so I could look at them.I would love to have a go at making one though the face would be the most scary part for me to do.

  11. Seems as though I'm not the only girl at heart here! I'm very pleased you enjoyed meeting Raggy Doll ... if ever I find time I think I might like to make a raggy doll of my own, they are such fun!


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