Monday, 2 June 2008

Trialling ted fabrics for Intercal

I forgot to mention I have been invited to trial several new fabrics from my supplier in the US and have been asked if I will send photographs when my bears are completed, for promotional purposes. So far, I have made up three of the four new fabrics and the finished bears will be featured on Intercal's website and also in their mailshots, to help promote these lovely new fabrics.


You met two of the bears in earlier posts ('Finnegan' and 'Finley') and today, after a long day in my workroom, I can share the third bear, 16" 'Shamus' with you. As you can see, he is wearing the little waistcoat I knitted last week, but I will probably photograph him 'in the bare' for his Intercal debut as they really need to show off the fabric properly.

Shamus is made from a beautiful alpaca fabric, so lovely to the touch! There's something about alpaca that suits pure German wool felt paw pads perfectly, so rather than my usual velvet, I shaded some beige wool felt paws especially for him. I thought it would be a nice twist to give this cute classic teddy bear a cheerful red nose and matching stitched claws, something not too contemporary but a little less than traditional and maybe a trifle unexpected!

Airbrushing Shamus's pure German wool felt paw pads

Unfortunately it is pouring hard here yet again which means Shamus will have to wait until it brightens later in the week to have his photos for the website taken in the garden. In the meantime though, here are a couple of snaps taken in the conservatory a few moments ago. Oh and before I forget, I must tell you Shamus will be coming to the Stratford show with me on Sunday!

16" Shamus

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  1. Paula, I am becoming increasingly impressed with your ability to create such lovely characters, professionally done and presented, with such amazing appeal. Well done! I love this new bear and his waistcoat and touches of red. And his alpaca fur looks scrumptious. :-)


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