Friday, 20 June 2008

Competing URSA style!

I received email notification that public voting for the 2008 'URSA Awards' (held by the online magazine) will begin on July 1st; so not long to wait for the big event now!

22" Gorgeous George - Category 3/large bear dressed & undressed

I think I mentioned a little while ago I had taken the plunge and entered my bears again this year, promising to share my entries with you nearer the time voting began. The standard of craftmanship will no doubt be outstandingly creative and of course, will be completely international, so who knows how my three teddy bears will fare against such strong competition, but as I always say, if nothing is ventured, how can anything be gained?! Besides which, I am looking forward to joining in the fun, so to coin another old saying, 'in for a penny, in for a pound!'

23" Raffles - Category 7/Caricature bears, clown or zany

Gorgeous George, Raffles and dear little Florrie will be taking their competitive places alongside many, many, wonderful creations on July 1st and the voting in this competition will be extremely fierce! So if these bears of mine have in any way tugged at your heartstrings, please consider placing your vote on July 1st to help them along their way ... thank you! I do hope you enjoy the competition!

Let the fun commence!

14" Florrie - Category 2/medium bear dressed & undressed


  1. Hi Paula I love Raffles hope he wins! Glad you got back into the swing of things, I think having a break can be a good thing especially when you come back with a gorgeous bear like Molly !
    Hugs Ginie-Lee x

  2. Very Best of Luck Paula !! I think Florrie is my absolute favourite (All)Bear ever !! Whenever I see a pic of her I go completely gooey :0)
    I'm really looking forward to having a vote !!
    Mini Hugs , Ruth

  3. Wow! I must remember to vote! Gorgeous George lives up to his name, but Raffles is my favorite bear of yours EVER--or is it Victor? Anyway, best of luck--although I don't think you need luck to win!

  4. Stunning entrants Paula. Good luck and I hope victory comes your way these guys deserve it.

    Melanie Jayne

  5. Thank you all so much for your kind wishes! I hope you have fun with your voting - there are some really great entries to choose from!


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