Wednesday, 30 January 2008

It's official!

Hooray! I can share my good news with you today and I am so thrilled! As Aleta said, this really is a bright shiny moment for me and I am completely buzzing with excitement!

Do you remember me agonising over whether or not to enter the prestigious TOBY Award programme for 2008, in an earlier blog post? (Please pop back and read my October 2007 blog entry if you missed it.) Well, I am delighted to tell you that plain brown envelope flew over the Atlantic to work some real magic and today I have received official confirmation that dear 'Billy Buttons' has won a ...

... ta dah (insert fanfare please!) ...

'TOBY Industry's Choice Award'!

What a fabulous start to my year! I have been completely in awe of the TOBY entries for many a long year; the competition is mighty fierce and totally international - very daunting! After taking the plunge to enter my own work last year unsuccessfully, I honestly didn't think I'd stand a hope ... which just goes to show, there is always hope!

So, now you know my news, please excuse me while I float around on Cloud Nine for a few days!


  1. congratulations Paula!!!!! I felt so pleased for you when I saw your name on the list, as I remembered reading your post here on your blog about whether to enter or not. Enjoy this feeling for as long as you can!! Billy Buttons is a very deserving winner!! Hugs, Samantha xx

  2. Thank you Samantha! It's such a thrill! I'm so pleased for you too ... your entries are outstanding. I'm not certain, but I have a feeling we may be the only two UK winners ... isn't that a huge privilege?!!!!

  3. Biiiiiig congrats Paula!

    I bet you're not just over the moon, but touching heaven.

    Sarah x

    No one deserves the award more than you, your bears are so FANTASTIC. Much love and hugs, Nina, Honeythunder, Icicle, Plumduff,Petal, Isadora and Lotus Petal in Western Australia

  5. Hurray and yay!!! I am so happy you won this award Paula, as I have told you already...I was utterly delighted when I saw your name on the winners list. I'll float with you on cloud 9, is there a meeting point on this cloud? We could both meet Samantha there as well...! Enjoy the feeling Paula, it is so well deserved. Hugs, Ellen

  6. Wow!!! Congrats Paula...

    well done. You work so diligently at your craft and do agonize over some of it...but ... look how it paid off.

  7. Congratulations Paula! I am so pleased for you, nice one! I can't be there (only in thought) so can you give yourself a hug and tell yourself well done from me to you, big smiles!!
    Take care and have a great day!
    Hugs Lyn

  8. Paula, I'm so glad that your work is getting the recognition it so richly deserves. Billy Buttons is quite the handsome fellow!

  9. Thank you all so much! I am truly delighted with this success and it has meant a great deal to me to receive such generous comments from so many kind friends xx

    Nina, you and Chris got there then!!!!! What a lovely surprise to find you in my blog. I hope you are both loving your new life on the other side of the world! Love and hugs to you!! xx

  10. Congratulations Paula! Stay on "Cloud 9" a little longer than a few days. You deserve it for that fabulous creation!!!

  11. Thank you so much Lisa! I certainly will!

  12. Hi Paula

    A massive congratulations to you and Billy Buttons. I hope you continue to feel your joy.

    Well done again
    Melanie Jayne

  13. BIG CONGRATS Paula, very well deserved :) Hugs, Catherine x

  14. Congratulations Paula!
    I was so happy to hear that your darling
    Billy Buttons was chosen - he is really adorable.

    Great work!


  15. CONGRATULATIONS Paula!!! How exciting! Well deserved for both you and Billy Buttons!! Doing a Happy Dance for you!!

  16. I know I keep saying 'thank you', but I'm going to again! I really do mean it, I'm completely overwhelmed by the messages of congratulations I have received both here and outside Blog Land ... you are all so generous in your support! Thank you all again!!!!

  17. Ooooh, congratulations Paula!


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