Saturday, 2 February 2008

Next stop, Hugglets!

After thoroughly revelling in my fifteen minutes of fame this week, I did what every dedicated maker of bears should do and returned to my workroom, but this time, with a noticeable spring in my step!

I am of course, now knuckling down to my special 'Winter Bearfest' designs, in readinness for the prestigious Hugglets show on the 24th February, which is our first significant UK show for 2008. My faithful postie has been delivering parcels of components and fabrics almost daily, so I am now stocked up with materials and firing fully on all my bear making cylinders.

I don't want to reveal too much just yet, but I don't mind whispering in your ear, that already I have two magnificent show bears sitting on my shelves and with three working weeks still available to me, rest assured, I am entirely confident I will be able to complete the other designs currently dancing in my head!

My workroom is looking a bit like Aladdin's cave this week, with a rainbow of mohair bursting from my containers, I can't wait to get cutting! This bear-making magpie is delighting in snippets of ribbon, pretty buttons, fabulous fabrics and the like! Every so often, a fleeting thought will have me downing tools and scrabbling excitedly for materials and trims, to see how a particular colourway might work ... I love this job! I'm just like the proverbial kid in a candy shop!


  1. Is it your birthday yet Paula? Maybe it's on Monday or Tuesday? HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  2. Ah, outed! Thank you for the birthday wishes Sindie. My birthday was yesterday (5th) and I am now 102 ... well, maybe that's just how I feel today! Who was it that said 45 is the new 35? Sounds good enough to me!


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