Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Day Job.

Yes, I am still working hard at my 'day job' despite the baby knitting - I promise! Just to prove the point, here are my two newest bears.

'Posy Panda' 17"

'Posy Panda' was created in defiance of the dismal dark grey days we've been having in Kent lately. I really needed a burst of colour and so a little 'pink sunshine' panda cub really perked me up. Posy was snapped up straightaway and will be taking up residence in the States very soon. My other bear 'Humble', is hot off the press. He only had his ears stitched on last night! The rain finally stopped this morning, so I dashed out to the garden to take his photos about an hour ago.

'Humble' 19"

I will be cutting out my next design this afternoon and then it will be back to my armchair to finish knitting the sleeves of my lilac baby cardigan for little Erin Rose, when I settle down to watch Corrie this evening.

I wonder if those of you living outside the UK have heard of Coronation Street, our favourite soap? It was first launched on our screens in 1960, three years before I was born and it has been a British instituation ever since. I remember watching it on a black and white television set with my mother when I was a little girl and I'm sure my own daughter will remember growing up with it in years to come too!

If you are curious to know more about dear old Corrie, this link should help enlighten you:


  1. Paula they are just fabulous!! WOW!

  2. Hey Paula. So funny with Coronation Street. It was on Danish Television years ago. I remember seing it when I was a child. It was a huge succes here too. Hugs, Tina

  3. Gorgeous new bears Paula and yes I never miss an episode of my favorite soap,Coronation Street, love it.

    Congratulations to your sister on the birth of a lovely little girl, what a nice excuse to do a bit of knitting for a change.

    Warm wishes

  4. It's lovely to hear you like my latest bears .. thank you for taking the time to leave your comments - they are always very much appreciated x

  5. We here in Canada get it too Paula....I used to watch it from time to time...but it is on in the afternoon and if I am not on the treadmill...I don't turn tv on. A year away from the treadmill and the tv what with my broken foot, then my stupid back incident. Just able to begin again this week thank goodness.

    We also get Emmerdale and I used to be glued to that one..but fell off it.
    I think we are watching episodes that are about 2 or even 3 years behind the ones you guys are watching though.

    congrats on your new little niece... and such a cute little sweater you are knitting for her.... love the colours.

  6. Paula you make the most adorable bears.
    Vicki xx


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