Tuesday 24 January 2023

A flying start



2023 is off to a flying start, but aside from the rather dashing Albert teddy bear I introduced at the start of the year, I am aware my website has had little to show for it!

There is plenty of bear-making activity happening behind scenes but nothing quite ready to share...

I am currently working on a group of traditional teddy bears for The Bear Shop in Norwich and will be finishing the final bear this week. I also have a big bear in progress, to share on my website shortly. Last week I received a fabulous piece of gold mohair for a very special birthday order and am very much looking forward to starting work in time for my collector's big day.

I also received another piece of the beautiful blue mohair I created Wynter teddy from at the tail end of last year and plan to use it to create a completely different style of bear from Wynter. The mohair was such a pretty blue I couldn't resist ordering it again when I saw it was available!

Lastly for now, I should receive a parcel of Harris Tweed in the next few days ... it is definitely time for some of my Tweedy Teds to make a return this year, as they were a little too quiet in 2022!

I think I made my very first teddy bear from a child's kit in 1992 and after making a couple of mohair teddy bears also from kits, attempted to design my own bears in 1994. I plucked up courage to begin selling a few locally in 1996. I would never have dreamed that almost thirty years later, my teddy bears would be living all around the world and I would be excited about yet another year of teddy bear making! 

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