Friday, 17 May 2019

Being Nana

My Granddaughter will celebrate her first birthday in a couple of days, which means it will soon be time for my daughter-in-law to return to work ... and in turn, that means Nana will soon have not one, but two cheeky little pickles to take care of each week.

We had a trial run this week ... both Toby and Izzy came to stay with me for the day, while Mummy went back to work for some pre-return training. It was a lively day with two under fives as you can imagine (!) but we had heaps of fun together and I loved my time with them.

My mother visited us in the afternoon, so we took a walk to the playground and played on the swings and slides. Mum loved spending time with her Great Grandchildren and it was clear they enjoyed playing and chatting with her too.

I am so happy we are able to create special moments across the four generations of our family. I didn't have long with my own Grandmothers as a child, so am determined to offer as much time as possible to my own Grandchildren ... and luckily for Toby and Izzy, both Nana and Great Gran-Gran are fit, active and have eyes in the backs of their heads, so can share plenty of fun and mischief with them!


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