Sunday, 28 September 2014

Shuffling through Sunday afternoon

The only clues to Autumn today, are the leaves turning wonderful browns, reds a golds!  The sun is hot, the sky blue, it sure is a beautiful day ... a little too humid for me though, so I've been keeping cool this fine Sunday afternoon, while my Itunes library keeps me entertained on 'shuffle'. 

8.5" Acorn 

How odd, as I type this post, Itunes has shuffled and hit upon one of my Dad's favourite songs, 'Nine million bicycles' by Norah Jones - I haven't heard this for years!  It's made me remember Dad coming to my house for a cuppa one afternoon and just before he drove off up the road, he told me I must to listen to this song ... it was playing on his car radio and he was bowled over by it.  Isn't it strange how music has the power to transport you somewhere you didn't expect to be?!

The real reason I popped on here on this lovely Sunday afternoon, is to let you know about the little bear above ... I've called him 'Acorn' and he is now available to adopt from my website.

Enjoy your Sunday ... memories and all x

Update: Acorn has been adopted.


  1. I agree Paula, Music brings back memories.
    Little acorn is a real treasure.
    Hugs Kay

  2. I have just heard that song on you tube it is gorgeous. What a wonderful memory to have.
    Hugs Kay


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