Thursday, 10 July 2014

Real Time

To spur me on to finish this little bear before teatime yesterday, I decided to have fun by tweeting work-in-progress pics from my mobile 'phone in real time throughout the afternoon ...

I had previously drawn out, cut out, trimmed, pinned and stitched all the pieces together and stuffed my bear's head, so the first job of the afternoon was to carefully stitch his nose.

Then I set in one eye ...

By the time both eyes were fastened, kind Tweeters had begun to 'favourite' and retweet my little bear's progress among their followers!

I zapped my pics through 'Photoshop Express' on my Iphone to liven them up with a colour filter ... I love using this little gadget to personalise pics.

Without the Twitter pics, I might have talked myself out of finishing my new bear yesterday, but interest from generous Tweeters is a great creative motivator, so I worked hard, tapped my foot to the blues guitar of fabulous Albert Cummings and stuffed and sewed ...

My little bear made good progress during the afternoon and by the time Polly came to collect me from my workroom to make her dinner, 'Marvin' had created a lovely stir among my Twitter friends.

Ready or not, my new bear was consigned to the worktable overnight.  Polly had been very patient with me while I worked during the afternoon, so it was only fair to feed her and indulge in some daft dog rough 'n tumble playtime on the living room rug, before cooking dinner for my husband and daughter and settling down with them for the evening.

This morning we were at dog training, so Marvin had to wait a little longer for his formal photos.  Polly worked hard at school so thankfully, by the time we came home, she was very sleepy and ready for a long, lazy nap (I was too, but no such luck!) I set up the studio in my lounge, grabbed my Canon SLR camera and these are the results ... 

Cute eh?!

Marvin is now ready to find a new home, so I've popped him onto my website in the hope he might catch a kind collector's eye ... 

Fingers crossed!

By the way, if you would like to follow me on Twitter to gain an informal, real time insight into what goes on in my workroom (and beyond!) you are very welcome to join me at:

Update: Marvin has been adopted.


  1. Какой чудесный малыш!!!!!

  2. Hi Paula,

    What a terrific idea for keeping on task and being accountable! And a great way to share all that goes into one of your creations!

    The real time aspect is inspired! Good for you!



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