Wednesday 27 November 2013

Chasing squirrels ..

With Christmas only four weeks away, 'what's happening in the All Bear workroom?' I hear you ask ...  well, with only a week and a half until my Christmas show, I'm running way behind as usual.  I do have three lovely teddy bears under my belt for the new Brighton show, but with only a week and a half to go, this is definitely not as many as I would prefer by this stage!  Hopefully with a fair wind to blow a team of elves in my direction and a generous sprinkling of fairy dust to help us, there should be at least half a dozen brand new teddy bears to sit with my Christmas tree by the end of next week ... (and if I buy a tin of wrapped chocolates to share with visitors, that should also help fill a little more space on the stand!)

This is a quick peek into my workroom this morning ...

The shelf spaces are at last starting to fill ...

The knitted neck warmers I made last week are being worn ...

There are teddy bear pieces piled on my desk waiting to receive some of that magic fairy dust ...

And the reason for my oh-so-slow show progress is parked here on the carpet, hoping I'll put down my bear-making very soon to take her out chasing squirrels in the woods again!

Polly may have slowed down teddy bear production but I don't begrudge her a single bear ... my beautiful girl has been very time consuming since her arrival back in May, but in return, she has brought me so much joy each and every day!

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  1. I love the bear with the red jacket. What a darling. Of course you could always have polly at the show, she certainly would pull the crowd to your table.


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