Monday, 22 April 2013

Warm Welcomes

Monday, Monday, where did the weekend go?  Well, aside from the usual household chores, it was another crazy busy weekend and this time, full of babies!  On Saturday I drove out through open countryside in the warm Spring sunshine, to visit my sister Fiona and her family in Wormshill.  Little Ella, (my Great Niece and Fo's Granddaughter) kept us utterly enchanted as we drank coffee, ate cake and chatted all things girly ... definitely one of my favourite ways to pass a Saturday afternoon while Stuart is at footy with his Dad!

'Cute, Pretty & Special' sums this cheeky little bundle up perfectly
... my beautiful Great Niece makes the sun shine even brighter!

Christening Day for Stuart's Granddaughter

On Sunday we were invited to attend Stuart's Granddaughter's Christening at St. Paul's Church in Maidstone.  It was a lovely, friendly service and little Cara looked gorgeous in her Christening gown, behaving impeccably for her very special welcome into the world, before promptly falling fast asleep in Grandad's arms!

It is such a privilege for us to be able to share special times with the newest generation of our family members and something we both cherish.

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