Monday, 21 January 2013

It's Snow Day for Cats!

After covering most of the UK last week, the white stuff finally reached Kent at the weekend ... brrrrr!!!!!

Daisy couldn't work out why her world had turned white.

I'm sure she was thinking 'Mum, did you do this?'!

Goodness knows how she still found her favourite paving stone under the snow, but find it she did!  So she plonked herself down and pondered the wonder of her cold white world for a-while ...

... then seemed reassured when she noticed there were still birds in the sky!

Puddle on the other hand, refused to step on the snow, taking avoidance tactics round the edge of the patio to avoid chilly paws on her very quick trip back into the house!

As for we humans, Stuart dragged me out in the falling snow on Sunday morning to buy a newspaper, so I made good use of the snuggly scarf I knitted last year ...

... and was very content to spend the rest of snowy Sunday tucked up cosily indoors with our cats!

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