Tuesday, 28 August 2012

As only a sister could ...

As it happens, I have a new bear to share this week, but not just yet as she still has beeswax smeared on her nose and is in no state to pose in front of my camera lens! (I'll set up the studio this afternoon and introduce you a little later on ...)

The days have flown past so quickly of late and I know my blog posts haven't been quite as frequent as they should, so in case you've been wondering why, I have been dashing around trying to organise wedding details, having fun with family in the process and generally trying to keep a-pace with real life between times.

Last week my sister Tina drove all the way from Hampshire to spend a day with me.  Her plan was to exert 'Official Wedding Photographer' power over me by making me have a 'pre-wedding' photo shoot, to tackle the sense of discomfort I always feel whenever I need to have my pics taken, as there can be no avoiding cameras on a wedding day!

Tina telephoned the wedding venue to ask permission to visit armed with camera, tripod, light diffuser and bride-to-be and they very kindly obliged.  We then spent a fun hour or so in the grounds, discovering the prettiest spots to take wedding photographs.  Not only should this help save precious time on the big day, it also really helped me relax in front of the camera lens, which is so not something that comes naturally!

Once we'd finished at the venue, we decided to unwind for a couple of hours at beautiful Leeds Castle, which is only a ten minute drive away ...

And here we are! 

This lovely photograph was kindly snapped by a passing gentleman who told us he had been a photographer for more than thirty years - we didn't catch his name, so whoever you are Sir, thank you so much for capturing this image of two sisters who don't live close enough to share many special days each year, making days like this one, even more precious.

On a personal note, I would also like to say a heartfelt 'thank you' to my sister Tina for taking so much care to ensure our wedding day memories are captured forever ... and for making this 'more mature' bride feel at ease, as only a sister could!

If you live in the Hampshire area and would love to have your special memories photographed by my very clever sister, you are most welcome to visit TINA ALLINGHAM PHOTOGRAPHY to find out more about Tina's photographic work.


  1. These photos are gorgeous. I love the one of you and your sister, and I really love the one of you sitting on the bench. You look so genuinely happy and relaxed.

  2. How wonderful to have your sister with you for a day. I spent the day on Sunday with my sister going back to where we grew up. So much fun...
    You are looking the radiant bride to be.


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