Wednesday, 8 August 2012

An Indian Summer please!

We're already into August and yet Summer still hasn't  woken from its slumber. There were a few warm sunny days to tease us all a while back, but no sooner had they burst cheerily into our gardens, than rain clouds gathered again.  Before long Autumn will arrive and our non-existent Summer will be a distant memory - but no matter, I love Autumn days and am holding out great hopes for an Indian Summer to grace our wedding day in September!

Wedding preparations have been in full swing for quite a while now and with only a few more weeks until the big day, thankfully the number of ticks on our 'to do' list are multiplying fast.  I'm really looking forward to a 'Girly Messy Meeting' at my sister's house this weekend where, together with our daughters and my son's very 'handy' girlfriend, we will be sewing table coverings, creating garden and table decorations ...  and of course, eating cake.  Should be lots of fun!

So Paula, I hear you ask, why the knitting pic?!  Well, the plain fact is, all consuming though it may sometimes seem, our wedding is not the be all and end all in our family at the moment!  The beautiful baby I am holding in the photograph above is my lovely niece Leah and just before her twenty fifth birthday later this year, she will deliver my Great niece or nephew into the world, making me a Great Auntie for the very first time!  Also, Stuart will be made a Granddad for the second time (this time to a little girl) the week before our wedding ... so you will now understand, 2012 is a very important year for us, for several very special reasons.

To answer your question, the knitting will eventually be a little pram blanket for my niece and is my way of taking time out to relax while the wedding and baby fever mounts.  I also have a knitted teddy bear underway and will no doubt be tempted to knit some tiny matinee jackets for our precious new arrivals too ...

So here's to the warmth of an Indian Summer, bringing with it the safe arrival of our newest family members and a wonderful garden Wedding Day!


  1. I became a great aunty this week so I know how special it feels.
    Enjoy all the happenings in your family this year, especially the wedding.

  2. What a lovely post to read. I think you and your family deserve a great year full of happy events and I bet that sun will be shining!

  3. So many things to look forward to and to add to your blessings! Wishing you all the very best - and hoping autumn doesn't come to soon!

  4. I can vouch for it - being a great aunt is great fun, and when you're told that you are a great great aunt, it's even greater! (Sorry, couldn't resist all those greats).


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