Monday, 16 April 2012

Birthdays and Bicycles!

It was my son's 27th birthday on Friday, so together with a gathering of family and friends and at the invitation of his lovely girlfriend, we descended on Ants at home to wish him a 'Happy Birthday' in time honoured, rowdy fashion!

'Happy Birthday' to Ants!

As always, Hannah and her mum had excelled themselves with Anthony's birthday cakes, creating fun chocolate monsters with googly eyes!  So much fun ... and very tasty too!

The Magnificent Monster Muffins!

Stuart's grandson also has a birthday in a couple of days, so we invited him to stay with us for the weekend and worked off the effects of Hannah's chocolate muffins with a fun, but exhausting bicycle riding lesson.

Grandad's bike riding lesson begins ...

After a few minor wobbles and a slight collision with a lamp post (!) he mastered his balance and was soon cycling confidently beside Fay, with me and Grandad puffing along on foot! 

Cycling independently with my daughter Fay!

Needless to say, we were all delighted with his progress!

'Just like riding a bike' - almost forty years since the last time I did it!

And if the kids can do it ...

I haven't ridden a bicycle in almost forty years, so couldn't resist seeing if the old adage 'like riding a bike' is actually true ... and yes, I can confirm, once mastered, the cycling skill doesn't leave you!  

Way to go Paula!  Back in the saddle again almost four decades after outgrowing my childhood 'Raleigh 14', whoo hoo!!!!!

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  1. Hi Paula,
    What a lovely weekend you have had. A fun night with family, and what a treasure teaching a little boy to ride. I hope you haven't a stiff bum!!!
    Hugs Kay


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