Monday, 5 December 2011

Sherry and sparkles!

I was busy making Christmas cards, calendars and a porfolio of my 2011 designs last week.  Thankfully, most of the prep work is now complete and I can spend this week working on my last few pre-Christmas bears, before allowing my focus to shift towards trees, baubles, twinkly lights and hopefully the occasional mince pie ... (washed down with a sherry, or two!)

Speaking of sherry, I confess to suffering a teensy weensy sherry induced headache on Saturday evening - well, how else should two sisters share an evening to mark the arrival of yet another 'forty something' birthday?!  Sherry, coffee and walnut cake, a natter, an open log fire ... perfect!
Happiest of birthdays to you Fo xxx

And yesterday, it was finally time to face up to the impending festive season.  Stuart and I escorted his excited six-year old grandson to watch a sparkly, lively and extremely rowdy production of  'Aladdin'.  As always, Panto worked its fairy dust magic, leaving our little guest wide-eyed with wonderment.  Luckily for us, wide-eyed wonderment is pretty tiring, so he fell fast asleep on the journey home ... result!

So that's another week flown past too quickly!  I do hope the next couple take things a wee bit slower ... I'm really not ready for Christmas quite yet!

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  1. Ready for Christmas. Who ever is. If it were in 12 months time I wouldn't be ready. I do have my tree up, so that is good. I won't list the thing I have to do because it would be too long.


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