Friday, 18 November 2011

Ready, steady, go!

I'm sat here, way past my bedtime, sipping a warming glass of brandy as I wait hopefully for adoption notifications to arrive from the 'Christmas Treasures' show.  Yes, after weeks of anticipation and preparation, the online show has at last started ... I'm delighted to report my little 'Angel' bear found a new home in the first few minutes and will be flying Stateside for her Christmas!

My 'Christmas Treasures' collection
(Angel is the little pink bear in the middle of the group.)

I experienced a brief flash of panic at the start of the show when for some unknown reason, the show website wouldn't allow me to change little Angel's status from 'for sale' to 'adopted', but fortunately that was soon ironed out.  Now, after the initial flurry of anticipation, I confess, this particular bear maker is beginning to wilt ... the five hour time difference between the show host in New York and my swivel chair in England, is definitely starting to make its presence felt and already I'm yawning between each sip of my amber nectar!

If you would like to find out more about my 'Christmas Treasures', please visit the show by clicking the link below -  I would love to find new homes for my special show treasures in time for the forthcoming festive season! 

The 'Christmas Treasures' show will remain open until Sunday, so there's still plenty of time for you to peruse each of the lovely festive teddy bear offerings!

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